Transcendence is a concept which is becoming quite popular in some circles—or rather, it might be more accurate to say that it’s a concept which has been popular for many decades now if you had asked the right people about it; the difference is that these days even medical professionals and academics in various fields of psychology are starting to take note of it.

Before continuing, let’s set a clear definition for the word transcendence, or as it’s sometimes called, self-transcendence.

What is Psychedelic Self-Transcendence, is it Real, and is it Possible to Achieve With Psilocybin?

psilocybin transcendence

Transcendence, in the context of psychedelics, refers to a state of awareness in which an individual has “gone beyond” what one would consider a typical experience; it is commonly associated with feelings of “surpassing” the physical world around the individual.

Whether or not these experiences are “real” in a metaphysical or spiritual sense is obviously subject to much debate. But what we can confirm to be quite real, however, is the interest in psychedelic transcendence being taken by psychologists and others in the medical field for the possible benefits these kinds of experiences may have for patients.

What are the Purported Benefits of Achieving Psilocybin-Induced Self-Transcendence?

Much of the academic research regarding the benefits of psilocybin hinges upon the compound’s ability to act as a neuroregenerative. While the complexity of that process would require more room to fully describe—readers are encouraged to follow the preceding link for more information—the findings of various psychedelic researchers around the world suggest that psilocybin is capable of building new neural pathways in the brain.

When we develop a habit, whether it’s a good one or a bad one, our brain creates neural pathways, making the behavior easier to engage in over and over. This is great if the habit we’ve created has to do with positive thinking or exercising regularly, but not so great if it’s a bad neurological “habit,” such as persistent depression or anxiety.

When a psilocybin-assisted therapy patient achieves self-transcendence, researchers believe that they’re more likely to enjoy the benefits of psilocybin’s ability to act as a neuroregenerative. This is why researchers everywhere are so excited about the potentially transcendence-inducing capabilities of magic mushrooms.

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