Nepal Chitwan Spores (Nepal Chitwan Spore Syringe)


Nepal Chitwan Spores

Nepal mushrooms from the Chitwan region are these small-medium sized mushrooms are rather easy to find in autumn. The Nepal mushrooms strain spores performs best in a sterilized compost but takes to other types of nutrient bases too.  The mycellium colonizes quickly and it is a great strain to research under the microscope. Spores from mushrooms in Nepal.

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    Nepal Mushroom Strain

    The premium Nepal mushrooms spore syringe microscopy kit includes 10ml of authentic Nepal spores in a syringe, individually packaged, with a sterile needle included. The best magnification for cubensis spore research is a magnification of 1000x or higher.

    Nepal is known for many things—most of the world’s tallest mountains, beautiful, sprawling forests, and some of the most fertile land on the planet—but unless they were an amateur microscopist, most people wouldn’t know that it’s also home to one of the best cubensis in Nepal strains, particularly in the Chitwan province.

    If you want to enjoy a unique experience that few but microscopists with the most exacting tastes have had the chance to study, you’re going to want to pick up our Nepal spore syringe kit immediately.

    From Chitwan, Nepal to Your Microscope Slide: An Authentic Nepal Spore Strain

    Picture yourself in the Chitwan province of Nepal. Perhaps you’re standing deep in the valley that’s there, surrounded by mountains—the Mahabharat range on one side, and the Siwalik range on the other. The cool, crisp Himalayan air reaches your nostrils and you can truly feel the presence of nature around you.

    That’s a bit what it’s like to study our Nepal spore strain—a rich, earthy experience, with an air of excitement and exotic exploration to places untouched.

    Nepal Strain of Cubensis Takes on an Interesting Appearance in the Wild

    With Such a Rich History, The Nepal Spore Strain is an Opportunity for Historical Exploration

    In the wilds of Chitwan, the mature Nepal strain takes on a fascinating, almost alien appearance. Its caps are concave, with just a touch of cinnamon. The rest of the organism is otherwise white. A small, 20-70 millimeter cap rests atop a thick, powerful stem, looking a bit like a flying saucer. Heavy spore production results in dark purple prints, which contrast in a rather lovely way with the otherwise completely white gills.

    From a microscopy standpoint, it’s fascinating to see the earliest stage of this fungi’s development. Not unlike other spores from a subtropical climate, observers will be sure to note how durable the spores seem, as though the mountain air of their original home had prepared them to be resistant to contamination. Understanding the history, geography, and anthropological undertones of any given spore strain is a wonderful way to enhance your learning.

    Want to Try Something Different Without All the Challenge of a More Advanced Strain?

    Despite all of its unique characteristics, our Nepal spore strain is perfectly suitable for beginners hungry for something new—yet still entirely easy to study. Our spores are of the highest quality, always viable, and always contamination-free. Nepal mushroom strain sales are declined to the states of Georgia, California, and to Idaho and are intended for microscopy purposes. Cultivation in the USA is illegal.