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Creeper Spores

The Creeper mushroom strain is truly a fast colonizing cubensis strain that is great for research.  Creeper shrooms cap size is proportionate to its stem. It fluctuates in potency. The stem will turn bluish/grey when damaged.

Creeper Mushroom Spore Syringe

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    Creeper Mushroom Strain

    The Creeper mushroom spore syringe microscopy kit includes 10ml of authentic Creeper spores in a syringe, individually packaged, with a sterile needle included.

    Even though there are plenty of jokes that could be made about the name of this spore strain, like “these are Radiohead’s favorite spores” or “they’re so good they’ll destroy your house in Minecraft,” the reality is that our authentic Creeper mushroom spores are no joke. In fact, these are some of the most sought after spores in the worldwide amateur microscopy community.

    Our Creeper spore syringes are genuine, loaded with spores—not just a few spores swishing around in distillate, unlike some of our more unscrupulous competitors—and, most importantly, fully viable for the optimal educational experience with your spores for microscopy equipment.

    Why Do So Many Microscopists Want to Get Their Hands on The Creeper Spore Strain?

    The main thing that excites is exciting with the Creeper spore strain is the fact that it’s the predecessor to a mycelium that colonizes extremely quickly in nature when compared to similar strains.

    The mushroom spores when viewed under a microscope, show characteristics that may be visual precursors to these properties if the spores were to mature in the wild. Thus the name “creeper,” as trained mycologists observing this strain in the wilderness would find that it spreads very fast.

    At maturity, the spores would eventually become mushrooms with pale white stems, a convex cap with cinnamon coloration, and wide, nearly protruding gills.

    Please remember that our spores are for microscopy and taxonomy purposes only, and we do not offer any information about how to cultivate mushrooms at home or elsewhere. Cubensis spores syringes are for research purposes only! Please learn more about the legality of mushroom spores in the United States by reading over our resources regarding Why Are Mushroom Spores Legal or more specifically for your state Are Mushroom Spores Legal in My State?

    Are Creeper Spores Good For Beginners?

    If you’re looking for something that won’t take you long at all to get under the microscope and start studying, we think this is the perfect educational experience for you.

    Other great beginner strains to consider are spores in our world-famous Golden Teacher syringe or, for something truly adventurous, you can see some of the treasures we’ve brought back from off the coast of Florida with our Treasure Coast spores.

    What Can I Expect When I Order Creeper Cubensis Spores Online?

    Thank you for taking some time to learn more about our Creeper spore strain! When you order this strain from us, you’ll receive a 10ml syringe and a complimentary sterile needle. Shipping is prompt and your order will be accurate, because your satisfaction is our guarantee.

    Our company mission is to ensure that you receive only the best, non-contaminated, viable spores for your microscopy hobby whether you’re ordering Creeper spore syringes or any of our other high quality mushroom spores. All premium spore store sales of the Creeper mushroom strain will be declined to Idaho, Georgia, and California. Creeper mushroom spores are for microscopy. The cultivation of some mushrooms is illegal.