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Equador Spore Syringe

Equador mushrooms from this mushroom strain was found in high altitudes, in the Andean region, in Ecuador.  The Ecuador mushroom produces medium to large fruits.  It has a long, thick and meaty stalk along with caramel caps.  It has darker colored spores.  It is one of the international favorites. It is a very popular species due to its consistent flushes. The Ecuador is a popular strain for study by mycologists and biologists.

Equador Cubensis

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    Equador Mushroom Strain

    Our Ecuador Mushroom Spores syringe microscopy kit includes 10ml of authentic Ecuador spores in a syringe, individually packaged, with a sterile needle included.

    The Equador Cubensis Mushroom

    A Robust Mushroom Spore Strain From the Highlands of Ecuador

    This Ecuadorian export that’s even more interesting than bananas: our Ecuadorian strain of cubensis mushroom spores is incredibly fascinating to study under the microscope! These spores are a wonder to see thanks to their unique properties which could only have developed at a high altitude near the equator.

    In the wilds of the Ecuadorian highlands, these spores would mature into beautiful-but-aggressive mushrooms with thick stems. Originally found growing at altitudes of over 3,500 feet, these spores are naturally designed to survive in a very harsh environment. The Equador cubensis is robust, strong, and very resistant to contamination.

    The mature Ecuadorian mushrooms would have mid- to large-sized fruiting bodies with large convex caps. In the mycelium stage, it colonizes aggressively thanks to its predisposition to try and survive in a high altitude, rough environment. As a spore, some of the characteristics lending to these properties should be noticeable in the microstructure visible through your microscope.

    Are Ecuadorian Mushroom Spores Good for Microscopists Just Starting Out?

    We’ve given this spore strain an “intermediate” rating because from a taxonomy perspective it offers some unique challenges. You don’t need to worry about contamination as much as you would with other strains since this mushroom spore strain is predisposed to survival in a difficult environment. Do follow all correct microscopy recommendations and procedures, as no matter how robust a strain is, there are no strains that are “immune” to contamination.

    Since we know you want the best viewing experience possible of these spores, your order will include a 10ml syringe absolutely packed with spores, as well as a complimentary sterile needle to make distribution onto your microscope slide easier.

    Order Authentic Ecuador Mushroom Spores Online

    If this will be your first order with us, please know that we’ve been involved in the microscopy hobby for many years and only offer genuine spore products.

    Equadorian spores are for microscopy and taxonomy purposes only. Since spores contain no active psychoactive substances, they’re legal in the majority of the United States. Please familiarize yourself with our detailed resource Why Are Mushroom Spores Legal to learn more. Spore sales will be declined to Idaho, Georgia, and California mushrooms cultivation and growing mushrooms is illegal.