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Cubensis Enigma Brain Coral Mushroom Solution

Excellent to study in your microscopy lab to research this unique solution’s characteristics.

Enigma Brain Coral Solution


    Enigma Brain Coral Mushroom Strain

    The Qualityspores.store Enigma Brain Coral mushroom strain microscopy kit includes 10ml of authentic Enigma Brain Coral solution, individually packaged, with a sterile needle included.

    The Enigma mushrooms are some of the strangest mushrooms, both in appearance and in history. These don’t look like typical mushrooms – they are a mutant form of P. cubensis that lead to “blob mutations.” Enigma mushrooms don’t really look like mushrooms, instead they look like something from a coral reef – they grow into dense coral-like blobs. While mushrooms typically propagate via spores Enigma mushrooms don’t have any caps. Instead, Enigma can only be propagated by cloning since they don’t have spores.
    For years, Enigma were gatekept by a small group that required an invite-only membership to obtain samples of it and learn how to clone it. It seems silly, but the secrets behind this mushroom were well-guarded from the public for some time. Enigma mushrooms have been known to be incredibly potent, with some people claiming they are even more potent than the lauded Penis Envy mushrooms. Enjoy the Research!



    What Comes With My Order of Enigma Brain Coral Cubensis?

    When you place an order with Qualityspores.store for Enigma Brain Coral cubensis, or for any of our other specimens, you will be promptly sent a 10ml syringe packed with solution. Some vendors are a little “heavy handed” with the aqueous solution is typically suspended in, but we make sure our syringes are loaded to give you the best value.

    Additionally, our Brain Coral mushroom solution syringes contain only viable and contaminant-free solution. This, of course, is extremely important for the best experience in your amateur microscopy lab. We even include a free sterile needle with each syringe to make placing the solution onto your microscope slides hassle-free.

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    Quality spore syringes are intended ONLY for microscopy and taxonomy purposes. Cultivation is illegal in the United States. Brain Coral cubensis mushroom solution sales from our premium spores store will be declined to California, Idaho, and Georgia.