Golden Teacher Mushroom Spores



The Golden Teacher mushroom spore syringe is a top seller online, and is one of our most popular shroom strains expressing resiliency. This spore strain gets its name because the medium-sized to large yellow-gold 50+ mm diameter caps having a golden color when mature. Easy to grow producing large flushes. Golden Brown hue when mature. Yellow-shaded long-winding stems. Near-black close together gills at maturity with darker color distinct spores appearance with dark brown with purplish hue, with long winding stems and wide golden caps. Golden Teacher liquid culture belongs to a beginner strain for the novice exploring the Golden Teacher.



    Golden Teacher Spores

    Golden Teacher Spore Syringe

    Our Golden Teacher Spore syringe includes 10ml of authentic Golden Teacher Spores individually packaged in a syringe, with a sterile needle included as an authentic spore strain.

    Golden Teacher Mushroom Strain

    This well-known mushroom strain grown from the Golden Teacher spore syringe is a long-time favorite of mycologists and special mushroom spores researchers. Second in popularity to perhaps only B+ mushroom spores, Golden Teacher mushroom spores are most often what comes to mind when people refer to “mushrooms.” Whether you’re just beginning your spores research or you’re a seasoned veteran of the hobby, our robust high-quality shroom spores are sure to provide the desired mushroom strain effects with mild potency compared to the most potent mushroom strains.

    Golden Teacher mushrooms in the wild are a hardy mushroom spores strain with beautiful golden features. Natural habitat is bovine or equine manure. The Golden Teacher gets its name from its beautiful, golden cap. In the wild, this fungi tends to have a wide cap and a thick, winding stem with pale white coloration. The caps are usually somewhere in the range of 20 to 80 millimeters in diameter, cone-shaped while young and flattening with maturity. The gills of a Golden Teacher cubensis differentiate themselves from other species by their close-together spacing and dark coloration – even near-black at maturity. Golden Teachers have a distinct blue coloration when bruised.

    Golden Teacher shrooms are thought to have originated in Cuba, but are seen growing wild in the southeastern United States, Central and South America, and even parts of Southeast Asia.  This special mushroom strain is appropriate for beginners to study, is resistant to contamination, and is one of the most robust cubensis strains appropriate for novices.

    The Golden Teacher mushroom spore syringe does not contain any psychoactive substances and is for microscopy, taxonomy, and other legitimate colonization research purposes.


    With our Golden Teacher microscopy syringe, the pledge to you is to always provide you with viable, high quality spores that undergo rigorous quality control measures ensuring contamination-free delivery thanks to our industry-leading experts and customer service team! Golden Teacher syringe spores present a great starting-point beloved by many at-home scientists, beginner cultivators, and spores lovers.

    ★ Our spores are for microscopy research and taxonomy purposes only. Orders requesting shipping to Idaho, Georgia, and California will be refused, voided or refunded. Please check your local laws. ★