Jedi Mind Fuck Mushroom Spores


Jedi Mind Fuck Mushroom Spores

Jedi Mind Fuck mushrooms are one of the most sought after strains out there! Get Jedi Mind Fuck mushroom spores now while they’re in stock!  The Jedi mushroom strain is a very fast colonizer and is a perfect spore syringe choice for advanced microscopy studies.

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    Jedi Mind Fuck Spores

    Jedi Mind Fuck Strain

    Our Jedi Mind Information on this mushroom spore syringe microscopy kit includes 10ml of authentic Jedi Mind spores in a syringe, individually packaged, with a sterile needle included.

    Please note that the spores of Jedi Mind Fuck mushrooms are extremely popular and sells out frequently – if you see above that we have the Jedi Mind Mushrooms in stock and you’ve been wanting to try studying this strain under your microscope, we suggest placing an order immediately. Please feel free to contact our world class customer service for the best place to buy mushroom spores.

    Jedi Mind Fuck spore syringe quality spores is what our business is all about? What makes this spore strain so popular for amateur microscopists? Let’s learn about all that and more, starting with the obvious question: what’s with the name?

    Jedi Mind Fuck Mushroom – A Funny Name, But a Very Serious Specimen

    Make no mistake about it – this strain is for advanced microscopists only and offers a very potent educational experience under the microscope and should not be taken lightly! You’ll want to make sure you have all of your amateur microscopy equipment ready to go.

    In the wild, mycologists have reported that the Jedi Mind Fuck mushroom has large caps, thick stems, and dark blue bruising which indicates the high amount of potency found in a mature specimen. While our spores are for microscopy and taxonomy purposes only, it’s certainly interesting to think about what it would be like exploring and identifying mushrooms in nature!

    Studying Jedi Mind Mushroom and Other Mushroom Spores Gains an Insight into The Work of Scientists, Historians, and Anthropologists

    Did you know that studying mushroom spores like for the Jedi Mind Fuck mushroom strain is an important field of research for all different kinds of discovery scientists?

    It might sound silly with a name like that, but it’s true. Medical professionals, historians, anthropologists, biologists, you name it – there’s something to be learned from the wonderful world of fungi for all of these professions, not the least of which because avid researchers are discovering new benefits consistently.

    The relationship shared between humans and mushrooms goes back a lot longer than you might guess, and studying that relationship can give us valuable insight into the culture of civilizations long past. If you’d like to take a look at an interesting primer on the topic of the Jedi strain and other useful information we invite you to learn about the human-fungi relationship that spans thousands of years or you can find a wide selection in the advanced spores category such as Albino Penis Envy spores from our wide-selection spore syringe collection on this mushroom spores information website.

    When You Shop With Quality Spores for the Jedi Mind Fuck Shroom You Get…

    Authentic spore strains,

    Viable spores,

    Clean, non-contaminated specimens, and

    Attentive customer service that actually cares about you.


    Our goal is to make sure that you have an enjoyable, enlightening, and educational experience in your home microscopy lab with our Jedi Mind Fuck spores. Studying cubensis spores and fungi is both a fascinating hobby and important field of scientific research.

    In order to do your spore research properly, you need to know that you’re getting authentic, viable, and clean spores. If you’ve been searching for these spores or other powerful mushroom strains, such as the Penis Envy mushroom strain, or if this is your first time shopping with us, please do so with confidence! Get Jedi mushroom strain information here along with valuable cubensis spores information along with insightful articles from a from a reputable spore seller in Denver. offers spores for Jedi Mushrooms to those studying and examining spores for microscopy, taxonomy purposes, and for cubensis spores research.