Jack Frost Mushroom Spores (Jack Frost Spore Syringe)


Jack Frost Spores

Jack Frost Mushrooms are from a cross strain, or hybrid mushroom strain. The Jack Frost strain is a cross-strain between the True Albino Teacher (TAT) Melmac variety, and the ever-popular Albino Penis Envy strain. Jack Frost Mushroom Spores For Sale Online.

Jack Frost Cubensis



    Jack Frost Mushroom Strain

    The Jack Frost mushroom strain spore syringe microscopy kit includes 10ml of authentic Jack Frost spores in a syringe, individually packaged, with a sterile needle included.

    Jack Frost: One of the Most Beautiful and Unique Cubensis Cross Strains or Hybrid Strains

    The Jack Frost cubensis strain is by far one of the most beautiful and unique strains we’ve had the privilege of sharing with our loyal customer base of amateur microscopists and mycologists. This absolutely gorgeous strain can only be described as distinctive – it looks just as beautiful in its spore state as it would in the wild as a mature fungi.

    In nature, this fungi develops into a beautiful fruiting body which looks as though it has been covered in a fresh snowfall; the flesh is beautifully white and has been described as puffy and soft-looking, just like snow. The gills of the fruiting body take on a beautiful cobalt appearance; a cold blue reminiscent of ice or frost. This, of course, is where the name comes from in nature, this fungi looks like something out of a special Christmas-themed dreamscape.

    Jack Frost Mushrooms are the Product of a Rare Cubensis Cross Strain

    Jack Frost cubensis is the result of cross breeding. The fungi is a hybridization with parentage from the Albino Penis Envy mushroom and the True Albino Teacher special mushroom; these albino strains are known for being pale in appearance at maturity and for having an extremely high content.

    The Jack Frost shroom, if discovered in the wild, would take on their best aspects—a brilliant pale flesh. That’s why this cross strain appears to be so blue. As regular readers and well-informed mycologists likely already know, when a mushroom is exposed to oxygen, it undergoes a chemical reaction that makes the compound turn blue.

    Jack Frost Spores

    Like all spores from the cubensis species, Jack Frost spores are for research purposes only. Amateur microscopists should consider Jack Frost to study for hybridization. If you’re an amateur microscopist interested in studying mushroom spore cross-strains which are the result of cross breeding these spores are a fine choice.

    ➢ As its parentage is also the result of hybridization, Jack Frost can be considered a second generation hybrid coming from MVP Spores or Melmac spores, and Albino PE Spores.

    This cross strain is also an excellent choice for any researchers interested in studying the spores of a fungi which, at maturity, would have a high concentration. In the wild, the fruiting body of the Jack Frost strain has a thick stem, rounded caps, and beautiful blue gills. The flesh of the mushroom appears as though it was covered in snow or frost, which gives this fungi its namesake.

    Spores are intended for microscopy and taxonomy and not to grow or cultivate mushrooms, which is illegal. Sales of spores syringes will be declined to the states of California, state of Georgia and Idaho.