Pearly Gates Mushroom Spores


Pearly Gates Mushroom Strain

Pearly Gates mushrooms are a fascinating combination of the True Albino Teacher and Melmac  mushroom varieties. The spores from this strain possess outstanding characteristics that set them apart from others. The mushrooms themselves are completely white, both on top and bottom, and are known for their remarkably high concentration, making them incredibly potent. As they grow, they take on physical characteristics that are reminiscent of the Penis Envy mushroom variety. This makes sense, given that the Melmac strain is the original Penis Envy strain. The Pearly Gates strain is notable for its thick stems, small wavy caps, rare bulbous cap, and unusual shapes. Even when dried, these mushrooms are huge and dense, making them a fascinating addition to any collection.


    Pearly Gates Mushroom Strain

    The Pearly Gates mushroom strain spore syringe microscopy kit includes 10ml of authentic Pearly Gates spores in a syringe, individually packaged, with a sterile needle included.

    The Pearly Gates strain of mushrooms, also known as Pearly Whites, is a unique hybrid resulting from a combination of the True Albino Teacher and Melmac mushroom strains. Researchers and psychonauts are particularly drawn to this strain because of its distinctively ghostly white bodies with bulbous crowns that are blue-grey in color and grow in tight flushes. The strain’s unusual appearance makes it a joy to study under a microscope, but we advise that only intermediate or advanced mycology researchers should explore this strain.

    Pearly Gates Mushrooms are the Product of a Rare Cubensis Cross Strain

    James Cruz created the Pearly Gates strain by isolating and combining the True Albino Teacher and Melmac strains. The exact details of the development of this strain are not widely known, but it carries the albino trait because it is descended from the True Albino Teacher strain. True Albino Teacher is a popular strain known for its unique appearance and potent effects, with fully white mushrooms that descended from the Golden Teacher strain.

    Pearly Gates Spores 

    The Pearly Gates strain is exceptional, unlike typical cubensis strains. These mushrooms are completely white, including the stems and caps, with a high concentration that makes them particularly potent. While growing, the strain’s physical characteristics resemble those of a Penis Envy mushroom, as the Melmac strain is the original Penis Envy strain. Pearly Gates mushrooms have thick stems, small wavy caps, and rare bulbous caps with unique shapes. Even when dried, they are large and dense, and they bruise in blue-grey streaks. This strain can have better concentration than the Melmac strain, making it a fascinating and valuable addition to any spore collection.