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The Cambodian Gold Mushroom species in nature is know to handle heat like no other strain. The Cambodian cubensis strain is extremely durable and a great strain for both beginner and advanced microscopists alike. Cambodian mushroom spores for sale.

Cambodian Spores



    Cambodian Spore Syringe

    Our Cambodian mushroom strain spore syringe microscopy kit includes 10ml of authentic Cambodian spores in a syringe, individually packaged, with a sterile needle included.

    Our authentic Cambodian spore strain has a fascinating history – and it only gets more interesting once you’re working with it in the lab.

    While Filming Near Angkor Wat, John W. Allen Makes Another Historic Discovery

    You may remember John W. Allen, the writer and globe-trotting mushroom expert, from his other fungal discoveries. We’re big fans of “Mushroom John” and carry authentic spore strains from two of his other discoveries in the Asian region, namely our always-viable Burma spores and Pink Buffalo spores.

    As the legend goes, during the particular adventure in which John Allen discovered the now-world-famous Cambodian strain, he was making a film (about mushrooms, of course) near the beautiful and sprawling Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia. Being the exemplary mycologist he is, John naturally took a sample with him back to the United States. Thus, more samples were collected and this unique spore strain is now available to amateur microscopists and mycologists everywhere!

    As it turns out, that story is mostly true. We got the real scoop from John himself in our interview with him. He did in fact discover the Cambodian spore strain, but it wasn’t at the doorstep of Angkor Wat as the internet myths may lead you to believe. It was, however, very nearby in Siem Riap, Kampuchea, where Angkor Wat is located.

    The Behavior of This Cambodian Cubensis in The Wild

    The Cambodian mushroom strain has several unique and desirable features that make its spores a real pleasure to work with in the lab and to study. In nature, this fungi is an extremely fast colonizer—its mycelial mat will grow very quickly under the right natural conditions.

    Is it getting hot in here? Since the region of Cambodia where Angkor Wat is found tends to be very warm, this fungi tends to do quite well in wilderness settings where the temperature runs a bit higher than usual. Mycologists have observed this strain in natural settings where huge flushes were not uncommon, even in a variety of substrates and terrain.

    What’s the Study Experience Like When You Put Cambodian Spores Under the Microscope?

    Cambodian spores are world-renowned for their mild visual appearance on the microscope slide. What amateur microscopists enjoy the most about this particular strain is that it tends to be so fun to study that they can’t help but feel energetic and creative.

    Beginners will find that the lab work required with this Cambodian cubensis strain isn’t as demanding as other strains, largely thanks in part to its contaminant-resistant properties. Getting the slide into your microscope should be an easy and fast process, comparatively.

    Cambodian Cubensis Spores Adds Another Fantastic Addition to Your Spore Collection

    This Cambodian spore syringe will make a lovely addition to your spore collection, particularly if you’re a fan of South East Asian spore strains. These strains are so much fun to study, since westerners don’t typically get to research them. This particular Cambodian strain also plays a bit of a part in a story—studying this strain along with Burma and Pink Buffalo strains can make a microscopist almost feel like they’re there with John Allen on one of his adventures.

    Authentic Cambodian Mushroom Spores Now Available from Quality Spores

    Whether you’re just getting started in the amateur microscopy hobby or you’re an experienced microscopist, we’re absolutely confident that you’ll love our Cambodian spore syringes. On our site you cannot buy mushrooms online but can purchase the spores.  Not only are our syringes loaded with Cambodian spores, they’re fully authentic, always viable, and never contaminated.

    Cambodian mushroom spores are intended ONLY for microscopy purposes. Cultivation is illegal in the United States. Cambodian mushroom syringe sales will be declined to Idaho, Georgia, and California.</p.