Maui Platinum Spores – Maui (PES Hawaiian) Spore Syringe


PES Hawaiian Spores

Maui mushrooms from this Hawaiian spore generate a durable and vibrant beginner strain. Maui, also known as Maui Platinum, is very resistant to contaminants making it easy to work with yet still fascinating enough to keep the most experienced mycologist interested in this beauty!  Maui Platinum (PES Hawaiian) cubensis spores for sale. Pacifica Exotica Spora.



    Maui Platinum Spore Syringe

    Our Maui mushrooms spores syringe microscopy kit includes 10ml of authentic Maui spores in a syringe, individually packaged, with a sterile needle included.

    This delightful mushroom spore strain has a variety of different names, but any experienced amateur microscopist will recognize it when they see it—it’s a popular strain with a mild educational experience that’s quite easy to work with in the lab thanks to its resistance to contamination.

    You may have heard of this strain as simply Maui spores, Maui Platinum shrooms, or PES Hawaiian. We’ll explain the latter name below, because as it turns out, this strain has an interesting (and mysterious!) past.

    Maui Platinum: A Beautiful Cubensis Spore With a Mysterious Past

    One of the names this spore strain goes by is PES Hawaiian. PES is an acronym for Pacifica Exotica Spora, a mycology-based company which has since closed down, but many of the strains they developed live on.

    Pacifica Exotica Spora was based in Hawaii, and that’s actually where Maui Platinum shrooms or PES Hawaiian gets its name—not necessarily because the strain originated in Hawaii. Except… it might have.

    The thing about this spectacular cubensis spores strain: rumors abound, but nobody is really sure where it came from originally, other than the notion that it was developed by Pacifica Exotica Spora. Some mycologists have suggested that it’s a crossbreed, but little formal research has been done. If you like a little mystery with your spores (or perhaps you think you have the amateur microscopy chops to figure it out), the different mushroom types are fun spore strain examples to get on a slide.

    How Does the Maui Platinum Behave in Nature?

    In the wild, the Maui Platinum strain shows signs of strong contaminant resistance and tend to thrive in wet, tropical climates (lending credence to the idea that they may really be from Hawaii after all).

    If observed in a natural setting, this fungi will have a substantial amount of weight compared to other cubensis varieties, likely as a result of its fondness for high humidity. Mycologists have observed Maui Platinum pinning and fruiting at an abundant rate in the wild, with multiple flushes.

    At maturity in nature, the fruiting body of this fungi has a wide, lightly colored and speckled cap, perhaps responsible for the “platinum” in the name. The PES Maui spores fully grown stalks tend to be in the mid-range of thickness. The stalks are yellowish but the annulus is notably white and durable.

    Buy Maui Platinum Spore Syringes: Maui Mushroom Spores With Confidence

    Finding authentic strains originally developed by Pacifica Exotica Spora can be difficult, but we’ve managed to acquire a legitimate Maui Platinum strain—the very same PES Hawaiian that amateur microscopists like you may be searching for.

    Perhaps you’ll be the one to uncover some of the mysteries of Golden Teacher spores, or the mysteries of the PES strain, but either way, we can guarantee that you’ll have a wonderful time working with this durable, hardy spore strain in the lab and an even better time while studying it!

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    Online sales of the Maui mushroom strain spores will be declined to California, Idaho, to Georgia. Cultivation of mushrooms is illegal in the United States.