Cubensis Strain For Calming – Whole Fungi Therapy

Some forms of legal psilocybe therapy advocate for use of the entire mushroom as it would be found in nature (and perhaps later dried and stored). This is called whole fungi therapy. In jurisdictions where this kind of therapy is legal, what mushroom strains are best for promoting feelings of calm, inner peace, or introspection?

The answer to the most calming cubensis strains is a little more complicated.

  • Why “set and setting” are more important than individual strains
  • The three best mushroom strains for introspection
  • How to learn more about the formative spore stages of fungi
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Why Experts Agree: “Set and Setting” Tend to Be More Important Than Specific Strains

Set and setting is a concept which has been popularized by many prominent special advocates, including the McKenna brothers. The basic idea is that the general quality (or lack thereof) of a special experience—including those experienced under the influence of psilocybe—is largely influenced by one’s mindset (set) and the environment they’re in during the “trip” (the setting).

When discussing the different possible effects that certain strains of mushroom can have, such as a visually-dominated experience, or one which is calm and introspective, one cannot underestimate the importance of proper set and setting. Ultimately, psilocybe is the dominant compound responsible for the special experience, and one’s mindset and the environment they’re in will play a larger part than the strain selected.

Three Mushroom Strains for Promoting Feelings of Introspection and Calm

Golden Teacher mushroom spores are for one of the most famous mushroom strains. Mild enough to be a reasonable choice for beginners while also consistent enough to be appreciated by even the most grizzled veterans of psychonautical exploration. This strain is also known for its purported ability to provide whole-fungi psilocybe patients with a deeply introspective experience.

Luminous Lucy mushroom potency is subtle yet well-known for calming effects along with intense visuals. Some psychonauts have described their experiences as calm and relaxing if they’re following the advice of having a calm set setting.

Huautla mushroom cubensis have been described by many patients as being similar to Golden Teacher regarding effects. Less of a visual strain at lower doses and more of an empathetic strain which can engender feelings of connectedness and oneness.

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Discover More About the Formative Stages of Fungi and Fungal Taxonomy

Interested in studying any of the cubensis spores mentioned here? Get into the amateur microscopy hobby as one of the fastest-growing hobbies for at-home scientists to expand their fungal taxonomy skills.