Most Popular Cubensis Strains

An increasing amount of research is showing more or less conclusively that mushrooms, and psilocybe specifically, have measurable therapeutic and special mushroom effects depending upon mushroom strains.

As any amateur microscopist will tell you, there are countless different strains of mushroom species and strains with different effects and potency – that’s what makes them such a wonderful specimen for fungal taxonomy. There are also strain-specific therapeutic benefits, and what about the strongest cubensis strain or the most common psilocybe mushroom strains for mushroom enthusiasts?

Strongest Cubensis Strain

Psilocybe Mushroom Strains

  • Different strains may have different benefits from a therapeutic standpoint
  • Information on the cubensis mushroom strains topic is limited and how that could change in future psilocybe and mushroom research
  • How limited anecdotal evidence has indicated that different strains do have different benefits
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Why Different Mushroom Strains May Have Different Therapeutic Applications

In most psilocybe research, such as clinical trials, the form of psilocybe being used has been synthesized. In other words, it’s pure psilocybe—like an extract. This makes accurate dosing much easier, and rules out the effects of any other compounds typically found in mushrooms, allowing for researchers to study the effects of psilocybe specifically.

In the field of psilocybe research, there’s a subsection of researchers who are proponents of what they call “whole fungi therapy.” The gist of the research is this: the benefit of psilocybe may be enhanced by the other compounds naturally found in the fungi, which explains the different effects people may experience when consuming different strains of mushroom.

Most Major Clinical Trials Haven’t Explored Cross-Strains or Strain-Specific Therapy

Major clinical trials and research have focused largely on the effects of psilocybe specifically, but a growing number of researchers are interested in learning more about the potential benefits of whole fungi therapy.

Proprietary Hybrid Cross Strain of Psilocybe Cubensis Spores

If whole fungi therapy proves to be more beneficial than purified psilocybe doses, then it’s entirely possible we’ll see more and more research being done on whole fungi. Which naturally will lead to researchers investigating the different kinds of mushroom strains.

Anecdotal Evidence Indicates Different Strains May Be Effective for Different Purposes

Golden Teacher, Luminous Lucies, and Jedi Mind Fuck Strains

For now, most “research” into the different strains of psilocybe-containing mushrooms and their potential therapeutic effects are largely anecdotal. For example the Golden Teacher syringe spores are known to cause contemplative, introspective trips from their mushroom fruiting body. In nature however, the RIP Tide Mushroom is very potent.

Other mushroom strains, such as Luminous Lucies and the Jedi Mind Fuck have been reported by psychonauts as being a very visually-oriented experience.

What Is A Psychonaut?

While nobody can definitively say which special mushroom strain gives the “best trip”, our knowledge of cubensis mushrooms is growing each day as we hear customer feedback. At least anecdotally perhaps soon mainstream science will be following suit for taking advantage of physiological and psychological effects and potential benefits.