We Know How To Cross Mushroom Strains To Create New World-Class Strains

Learning how to cross strain mushrooms like with our proprietary Hero Cross Strain, making a cross strain can be a fairly involved process, but strains and mushroom hybridization can be well worth it for uniqueness, mushroom potency, and undeniably interesting fascinating microscopy study under the microscope.

Rare Spore Strains & Hybrid Mushrooms Rare Strains

In today’s post about crossing cubensis strains on the Qualityspores.store blog, we’ll take a look at how mycologists hybridize fungi and examine several of the most well-known, popular spore cross strains and rare spore strains.

➢ Let’s begin with the basics on a cross strain mushroom fungi. How is a cross strain created to begin with?

best cross strain spores for microscopy

How Do Mycologists Create Mushroom Cross Strains?

At some point, a dedicated mycologist will probably wonder how to cross cubensis strains—it’s certainly possible to do, though would probably present many challenges for beginners.

Liquid Culture Mushroom Spores In Crossing Cubensis Strains

An intimate knowledge of mushroom fungi is required and some knowledge of liquid culture mushroom spores makes even better background reading material!

Mushrooms and Vitamin D? We’ll do our best to provide a relatively simple explanation for how mushroom cross strains are created, but please do know that the process is a bit more complex in practice. And considering mushrooms and vitamin D benefits into your thinking cap really upregulates the whole topic of the potential value of mushrooms and mushroom spores research for the benefits of humankind.

Mushroom Fungi – Monokaryon vs. Dikaryon

Essentially, a cross strain – or hybrid fungi—is the result of two strains mating. The monokaryon of each fungi strain would have to “meet” and form a dikaryon as explained in this monokaryon vs dikaryon explanation by the National Center For Biotechnology Information. As mentioned earlier, it’s important to remember that fungi are not at all like plants, and this process (while seemingly similar) is not the same as cross pollination in plants; it’s more like genetic information is being exchanged between the two strains.

In most mycological experiments, the resulting hybrid of a cross strain experiment is infertile (in other words, it produces no fruiting bodies and thus no spores). Only when a cross strain is capable of producing fruiting bodies and spores can it be considered a success, as it will then be capable of propagating itself in perpetuity. This process is easier said than done, and many hybrids may be failures until a successful lineage is developed.

What Are The Best Cross Strain Spores?

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As with most things relating to mycology, microscopy, and the study of the natural world, there is no “best” cross strain—only different experiences to enjoy, one of which you may find to be your personal best.

Mushroom cross strains are generally created for a high content, which may be desirable in jurisdictions where the compound is legal, or prove useful in the study of mushrooms as a therapeutic aid (e.g., certain cross strains may be more desirable for extracting and synthesizing).

Hybrid Cubensis Strain Spores

Having said that, we at QualitySpores.store carry several varieties of cross strain cubensis spores and hybrid cubensis strain spores for the discerning mycologist or microscopist interested in learning more about these unique hybrids. Let’s take a look at three of the most popular:

We Created Our Own Cross Strain: The Hero

We’ll begin by taking a closer look at The Hero mushroom cross-strain, a special mushroom cross strain that’s very near and dear to our heart since our team created it ourselves. This strain is a hybrid combining the much-beloved Penis Envy strain and the Amazonian strain, which is known for its massive size in nature.

Amazonian Mushroom Spores Strain

When combined, Penis Envy and the Amazonian mushroom spores strain result in a very unique, potent batch of spores which are a delight to study under the microscope, particularly for microscopists who want to study strains with the characteristics of a fungi with not only a high content, but a very large fruiting body.

Mushrooms Fruiting Bodies

In the wild, this strain yields large fruiting bodies just like the Amazonian strain, but has a similar level of potency as the world-renowned Penis Envy strain. Needless to say, we’re very proud of it and hope you get a chance to put it under your microscope as soon as you can, along with Penis Envy mushrooms spores and for Golden Teacher Mushroom Spores.

Want to Study a Truly Unique Hybrid Fungi? Albino Penis Envy is Strange and Wonderful

Next is the Albino Penis Envy strain, which is another hybrid that crosses Penis Envy with another fungi. In this case, the partner is PF Albino, a pale and potent strain. This particular strain has been described as “ghostlike” because the flesh of the fruiting body is so pale, nearly translucent, so much so that the blueish coloration of its high content is readily visible. It’s a beautiful strain and a true testament to the dedication and skill of the mycologists who originally developed it. Lovely under the microscope too as is examining Penis Envy mushrooms and Golden Teacher Mushroom spores!

Two All-Time Favorites Spore Syringe Favorites & Cross-Strain: White Teacher and Golden Teacher

Finally, we also carry spore syringes of the White Teacher strain and Golden Teacher strain, a criminally lesser-known strain than its parentage, which is Golden Teacher and Albino Penis Envy, which we just described previously.

Most amateur microscopists interested in mushroom spores have heard of, and likely studied, Golden Teacher spores, and Albino Penis Envy, aka APE spores, which are somewhat of a legend. White Teacher is a hybridization of these two famous strains, and the results are nothing short of amazing. If you want to have a truly powerful study experience, White Teacher is an excellent choice.

Get Mushroom Spores From Rare & Exotic Cross Strains for Microscopy at Quality Spores

If you’d like to learn more about cross strains, one of the best ways to do so is to get their spores under your microscope. You can observe the characteristics of these unique hybrids and find properties present in their “parent” strains. It’s a very fun taxonomical exercise for the microscopist seeking a challenge, and it can give you a unique perspective into some of the deeper aspects of mycology.

To get started, simply visit our mushroom spores store and place an order today for your contamination-free, viable, and always-authentic spore syringes.

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