Mushrooms refer to a broad term comprising a number of different mushroom spores. This is quite a common species of mushroom that is very easy to cultivate, thereby making it the most popular.

 What is mushroom?

This is one of the most popular species of mushrooms that is mostly found in North, Central, and South America and Australia. It majorly grows on cow dung which acts as a good growth enhancer.

There are various strains of cubensis, Z-strain as an example, and each of these mushroom strains has a unique size, shape, and coloration. The cubensis mushroom contains the active ingredient which is known as psilocybe. It is important to note that all the species of mushrooms belong to the same genus. The chemical structure is 4-PO-HO-DMT. There is a chemical dimethyltryptamine in the chemical structure which essentially interfere with the serotonin receptors of the brain.

 How did the mushroom Popular?

The major reason why the cubensis is really popular is due to its ease of cultivation and its inherent accessibility. Though it is often said that the other species of mushrooms like that of semilanceata, cyanescens are much more resistant and stronger – it is the cubensis – mushroom species that is quite easy to cultivate and accessible.

 mushroom Mushroom Appearance

The following are some of the physical features of a cubensis mushroom

 The Cap

The cubes have caps which has a conical shape, and they essentially flatten out when they mature. They essentially range in size between 1.5 and 8 cm and come in a number of sizes. The size of the caps can depend upon a large set of factors like genetics, environment, and cultivation conditions. The caps essentially have a reddish blue grayish coloration which sometimes turns to a golden brown color. It also turns blue in certain cases.

 The Gills

The gills are an important component of mushrooms wherein the spores are released. These spores are essentially used for fertilization. Since mushroom mushrooms produce asexually, they can cause hyphae and then grow from the ground giving rise to new mushrooms. Essentially gills look pale in color before they go about releasing spores. These spores are known as veils which essentially cover the gills. They drop down when the mushroom reaches its maturity.

 The Stem

Essentially the stems of such mushrooms tend to be around a range of 4 to 14 cm long, and the thickness ranges from 0.5cm to about 1.5cm thick. When you look at the mushroom stems, you will notice that it is blue in color.

 Different Strains

There are a number of strains of cubensis available. Each of them is different from the rest. For example, the Jack Frost is a strain that is completely white. So it depends upon the strains of the mushrooms on how their appearance will be affected.

 How Should cubensis Be Cultivated?

The cubensis mushrooms can be quite easily cultivated. Essentially they are well suited for warm as well as humid conditions. They can also be grown indoors as they are quite robust as well as resilient. Apart from growing them in a natural substrate like either cow manure or dung, they can also be grown in a range of conditions like cardboard, grain, etc.

You can also grow such strains of mushrooms easily, even while you are traveling if you have a dedicated space to cultivate the mushrooms.

 Why Does cubensis Mushrooms Turn Blue?

The major reason why cubensis mushrooms turn blue is because of a cascading reaction. The blue essentially appears due to the oxidation.

 The potency of cubensis

The potential of the cubensis z-strain mushroom differs from strain to strain. There are a lot of factors that affect the potential ability of cubensis, like genetic and environmental factors.

These mushrooms, when grown in the wild, are exposed to different conditions of nature, which include UV radiation, thereby affecting their final potency. Thus it is seen the mushrooms which are grown indoors are much more potent since they are exposed to fewer UV rays.

Also, it is important to note that smaller mushrooms have a higher gram concentration of the compound in comparison to larger mushrooms.

There will never be an exact ratio of psychotropic substances per gram! Therefore, combining cubensis strains and sizes should balance it out.

 How to Cultivate cubensis?

In order to cultivate cubensis with z-strain mushroom grow kit, it is important that you follow a particular procedure. Since, in certain areas, cubensis is illegal to grow, it is important you are aware of the laws regarding underground cultivation of this. Now let us get into the steps

 Obtaining Spores

The cubensis mushrooms can grow from spores. So it is important that you first obtain the spores from online retailers. It is important that you purchase the z-strain mushroom spores from a good source,

 Preparing the Substrate

The substrate is essentially the material on which the mushrooms will grow. Some of the common substrates for include cow dung wheat straw, flour, brown rice, and perlite. These substances are then mixed properly. After that, they are sterilized so as to kill any bacteria that may hinder their growth.


After cleaning the substrate, it is inoculated with spores through z-strain spore syringe. This can be essentially done through a syringe by putting a small amount of z strains of spores on the surface of the substrate.


The inoculated substrate is thereby then placed in a particular sterile container and thereby kept in a warm place for incubation. Essentially the ideal temperature for incubation is between 70-80 degrees of Fahrenheit.


Once you have incubated the spores, they will germinate and colonize the substrate, thereby forming a network of mycelium. After the substrate is completely colonized, it is then covered with a web-like material.


After the jars are essentially completely colonized, the next step is to try and initiate fruiting. This essentially involves creating an ideal environment for mycelium in order to produce mushrooms. Fruiting chambers can be bought or constructed from common materials. The basic idea is to use a translucent container that lets some light in, has some airflow, and maintains a high humidity level. 


When all the process is done, the mushrooms are ready to harvest, so you can pinch them off at the base, and then they can break off quite easily without any effort. This process should be followed with every set of mushrooms you cultivate.

 Effects of cubensis

The effects of cubensis are really powerful. Essentially when they are taken in low doses, they cause an effect of warping, thereby affecting all senses. The more the dose, the more you would have a special trip.

Cubensis rarely causes total hallucinations or a separation from reality, but it can nonetheless produce strong experiences that fundamentally alter a user’s perception of reality.

 Summing Up

Thus this was everything about z strain spore cubensis, and we hope now you have a fair idea about what it is, the cultivation methods, and its effects. Make sure to know the legal regulations in your area before you start cultivating it.


 Is cubensis safe to consume?

Though essentially cubensis is safe, there are certain risks associated with it. These include certain psychological distress, certain attacks of panic, and even parabola. It is important that you avoid purchasing z strain spores for sale mushrooms from the black market as they may cause contaminants or chemicals.

 How do you consume cubensis?

Cubensis can be essentially consumed raw or made into a concoction. There are certain users who prefer it mix them in food like that chocolate or peanut butter so as to make the dose.

 Are there any medical benefits to z strain cubensis?

As per research, studies do show that mushrooms have certain therapeutic uses like that, of depression, anxiety. Self-administration of mushrooms is not advised as a cure for any medical problem. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that these trials were carried out under controlled circumstances with qualified professionals.

 What are the effects of cubensis?

Cubensis effects can differ based on the dose, the person’s physiology, and the environment. Users frequently report having different perceptions, stronger emotions, and different thought patterns. Dilation of the pupils, an elevated heart rate, and a distorted sense of time are common physical symptoms. Many users report having spiritual experiences, having a sense of community, and having more creative ideas.

 How to harvest cubensis mushrooms?

It is important to harvest cubensis mushrooms when the caps are completely opened, and the veil is broken. Using a sterilized tool, they can be gently twisted or cut at the stem’s base. The fragile top and stem of the mushrooms must be handled with extreme care.

 What are the ideal environmental conditions for growing cubensis?

Cubensis’s growth period might change based on the strain, substrate, and environmental factors. The mycelium typically needs 2–6 weeks to colonize the mushroom substrate completely, and the mushrooms need a further 1–2 weeks to grow and mature.

We thank you so much for reading this article. The information above is for informational purposes only and not to be used as a how to grow mushrooms guide. All of our spores are for microscopy research only.