Psilocybe Cubensis Science and Microbiology

As the Mushroom Boom trend marches on through psilocybe industry legislation. This is true for the innovators in all categories – from microbiology to robotics – and in finding their place in the “new” industry in regards to mushroom strength and psilocybe cubensis science in human benefits for therapeutical purposes.

Psilocybe Cubensis Mushroom Potency & The Relationship Between Humans And Mushroom Fungi, and Mushrooms History

We place the word new in quotes, because regular readers (or anyone who has been paying attention, really) will know that the relationship between humans and fungi in mushrooms history is very, very old indeed and includes valuable information on psilocybe cubensis mushroom potency.

Here’s those quotes again: some of the “recent discoveries”, like the notion that psilocybe shows more than a little promise as a therapeutic treatment for a variety of mental health concerns, aren’t really all that recent—humankind has been utilizing the gifts of fungi for millennia.

The Mushrooms Grow Kit or Psilocybe Cubensis Grow Kit To Get Started

Regardless, there are some new things to be excited about, like advanced mushroom-picking robots and mushrooms going on a vacation around the moon, and about the mushroom grow kit or the psilocybe cubensis grow kit, to get started in your mushroom science journey.

We’re pretty sure those things have never been done before, unless you believe that fungi itself might be from space; as we explored in our post Mushroom Spores Can Survive in Space. But Are They FROM Space?, it’s not as far-fetched as it sounds.

New Fungi Technologies & Mushroom Science

Let’s take a look at some of these new fungi technologies. Some of them seem like the stuff of science fiction, but in fact are happening now in mushroom science and in the science of mushrooms.

Could Fungi “Teach” Humans How to Survive in Space? Researchers Think It’s Possible

Mushrooms resistant to radiation in space

In 1997, Russian astronauts were shocked to find fungus growing behind a service panel on the Mir space station in large, beach ball size globs. Later, a different fungi was found happily chomping away on the rubber seals of a view port on the Soyuz transport vessel.

The point is, mushrooms can clearly survive in space—they’re a whole lot better at it than we are. Some scientists have even speculated that they can survive interstellar travel.

The really fascinating thing to consider is that it’s not as though fungi is just particularly well-suited to survive in space… they’re well-suited to survive pretty much anywhere. Fungi is considered one of Earth’s bona fide extremophiles, that is, an organism that can thrive (or at least make do) in the harshest environments.

Hallucinogenic Spores

If ever there was a harsh environment for hallucinogenic spores, space is it. In addition to the whole vacuum thing it has going on, radiation is a real problem – at least if you want to avoid getting a particularly bad cosmic sunburn.

However, fungi has shown promise as being capable of defending against radiation and living through even extreme levels of exposure, presumably quite comfortably. Some fungi has even demonstrated the ability to repair its own DNA after radiation damage occurs.

Send Mushroom Fungi For A Ride Around The Moon

Naturally, this phenomenon is an attractive prospect for researchers at the United States Naval Research Laboratory, where microbiologists are currently preparing to send fungi for a ride around the moon. These fungi specimens are going on a trip around the moon in NASA’s Orion capsule. If the researchers can learn more about how and why fungi is as tough as it is against radiation, they might be able to use that information to protect people, too.

We are looking at fungi that are extremely resistant to radiation and trying to figure out why. But we are also looking at a bigger question of how biological systems adapt to deep space, which has implications for people trying to travel to Mars or further.

Microbiologist Jillian Romsdahl, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Mushroom Farming is Facing a Labor Shortage, So This Professor Invented a Mushroom-Picking Robot

Mushroom picking robot
Long He’s mushroom picking robot, courtesy The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers.

If you’ve ever wanted to work as a mushroom picker, apparently now is the time as this industry, like so many at the time of this writing, is experiencing a labor shortage. One professor from Pennsylvania State University, Long He, decided to address the problem by building a robot capable of picking mushrooms.

For now, the robot is best at picking button mushrooms (among the most popular culinary mushrooms) and utilizes a pneumatic mechanism, a suction cup for scooping up mushrooms, and a trimming blade to cut the stem. Mushrooms are subsequently deposited in a container—and He’s robot has even proven capable of doing all of the above without bruising the flesh of the fungi.

Mushroom Cultivating System

A big step up is to learn about the best mushroom cultivating system.

A New Way to Administer Psilocybe for Patients With Major Depressive Disorder To Receive The Benefits of Psilocybe Mushrooms

Our final piece of mushroom technology news will be a quick one, since regular readers of The Psilocybe Philosophy, the Quality Spores blog, are already well acquainted with the benefits of psilocybe and how the medical community is (finally!) hailing it as a “breakthrough treatment” for a variety of mental health issues.

The Psilocybe Industry in the United States

Cybin, a pharmaceutical startup where we’ve written about the psilocybe industry, has finally been approved for a phase two clinical trial during which psilocybe will be administered to patients with major depressive disorder.

Spore Buying Systems and Psilocybe Track Record in the US

Since psilocybe has had a remarkable track record using available spore buying systems and in similar clinical trials performed by other organizations, it’s not a stretch to imagine that this trial will have similarly successful results.

What makes this trial interesting is Cybin’s special formulation of psilocybe, which is administered as a sublingual dose (a film placed underneath the tongue). Traditionally, psilocybe is administered in capsule-form during clinical trials, which can take up to an hour for the patient to begin feeling the effects. Transmucosal administration, as with a sublingual formulation, can cause effect onset to occur far more rapidly.

Interested in doing some research for yourself on the Mushrooms Legal States?

Not only is it possible—it’s easy, and tens of thousands of amateur microscopists and mycologists around the country are doing it now. Psilocybe mushroom spores are legal in 47 of 50 states for the current mushrooms legal states, and if that’s news to you, here’s a detailed explanation on the psilocybe cubensis spores legal cases on why that’s legal.

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