There was a time not so long ago that the idea of completely legal special-based therapeutics being administered by a real life health professional would have been unthinkable. But now with evidence of psilocybe efficacy and psilocybe research articles available from numerous institutions, psilocybe and other specials had a 30-odd-year “dark age” in terms of clinical research but not anymore.

What informed individuals might describe as overbearing legislation and widespread public misconception is starting to get zeroed into the real benefits of medicinal mushrooms spores uses in multiple health disciplines.

However, thanks to the efforts of pioneers like Dr. Franz Vollenweider in the late 1990s, special and psilocybe research has slowly-but-surely again returned to the greater public consciousness. Since then, even household name organizations like Johns Hopkins have been conducting research (thanks in large part to psychopharmacologists like Roland Griffiths).

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The “New” Psychedelic Sector Gained the Ability to Flourish Thanks in Large Part to the Work of Psilocybe Advocates

A person holding a large, white mushroom.

Here we place the word new in quotes because the physical and emotional benefits of psychoactive compounds like psilocybe have been known about for a very, very long time indeed—likely thousands of years.

Last year, psilocybe advocates started making waves in the legislative world—well, it seems like all this just started last year, but in fact their victories are the result of years of hard work at organizing and educating.

Two high profile ballot initiatives in Washington, D.C. and Oregon were overwhelmingly supported Initiative 81 and Measure 109 respectively in 2020 by voters, showing a marked increase in public interest in these – here are those quotes again – “new” therapies. Both measures sought to decriminalize (not legalize, there is a difference) and empower licensed service providers to administer psilocybe-assisted therapies to forward-thinking patients.

You can read more about these initiatives and what it might mean for you if you live in either of those states in our post Washington, D.C. and Oregon Psilocybe Initiatives Approved: What it Means for You. If you don’t live in D.C. or Oregon, take comfort in knowing that similar initiatives are likely to come to your state at some point in the relatively near future. When they do, make your voice heard and vote.

Psilocybe Assisted Therapy Research is Leading the Charge—And Investors Are Noticing

The exciting developments discussed in the previous section have no doubt strongly contributed to the massive expansion of the special therapeutics industry (with psilocybe research often at the forefront).

Thanks to the legal framework that has been laid out, the focus of the industry is largely directed at psilocybe assisted therapy and special pharmaceuticals.

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Psilocybe-assisted therapy is the term used to describe treatments administered by a licensed professional that involve the use of psilocybe. These treatments may involve guided therapy sessions, prescribed psilocybe-based pharmaceuticals (natural or synthetic).

Big business and investors have noticed. For example, Mind Medicine Incorporated, a company originally based out of Canada that “[Helps] patients unlock the healing power of the mind through Psychedelic Inspired Medicines & Experiential Therapies,” has enjoyed explosive growth and a $80 million investment.

Mind Medicine’s OTC shares were tracking at around forty cents this time of year last year, but at the time of this writing they’re at a healthy $3.63 per share—a more than 900% increase over just a few months.

COMPASS Pathways went public with their shares last September, with shares being valued at around $29 (after a $17 IPO). At the time of this writing, shares are selling for $48, a 165% growth. Backed by venture capitalist Peter Thiel, the company currently has a psilocybe-based treatment for depression patients entering Phase 2 of clinical trials, offers therapist training, and has plans for even more psilocybe clinical trials.

All right, we’re a blog about psilocybe spores and amateur microscopy, so we won’t continue to bore you with the financial details here. The point this author wants to make is that the so-called special sector is here in a big way and it’s likely to only continue to expand.

For psilocybe researchers and advocates, that’s very good news indeed. Commercial interest will help promote psilocybe adoption into the mainstream. Once people start to realize that maybe, just maybe, the psilocybe compound is an effective treatment for a range of mental health disorders including depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post traumatic stress disorder, to name a few, we may eventually enjoy full legalization.

In the meantime, why not get out those microscopes and do a little research of your own?

Amateur Microscopist? Start Researching Psilocybe Mushroom Spores at Home

Four Syringes of Psilocybin Spores for Microscopy Research

Did you know that in most states of the US psilocybe mushroom spores are legal?

Take a moment to brush up on your legal knowledge with our articles about special mushroom spores laws and about if there are mushrooms legal for sale in my state, which also covers about why spores specifically are legal.

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