Pilocybe Cubensis Potency

Beginner microscopists are often surprised to discover the sheer variety in appearance found in fungal spores and in the variety of mushroom strength strains. If you’re just beginning your journey, let us assure you: not all spores are made the same. Far from it! There’s a difference between psilocybe cubensis strains by potency for example!

Strongest Psilocybe Cubensis and Most Potent Exotic Mushrooms

This is in large part what makes the hobby so exciting: mushroom spores from different strains with different mushroom strength profiles, when compared to one another, the strongest cubensis mushrooms can display remarkably different characteristics – let alone when you compare fungal spores from one species to another. It’s a real taxonomic challenge to analyze the strongest cubensis strains, and many microscopists particularly enjoy that part of the research “game” and even more challenging when trying to secure the most potent exotic mushrooms spores.

For example, it’s well known that B+ mushrooms are very dark, whereas Albino Penis Envy spores are light and nearly translucent. The features a mushroom will have at maturity can, to some degree at least, even be determined by looking at their formative spore stage. Some microscopists only do research on the strongest psilocybe cubensis spores and others are more interested in psilocybe cubensis benefits for therapy purposes. In any event it’s also important to know how to store mushroom spore syringes that you’ll be working with.

It’s for this reason that many microscopists are interested in researching psilocybe mushroom spores, which as you no doubt know are legal in nearly all of the United States (the exceptions are California, Idaho, and Georgia). They’re legal since spores contain no psilocybe themselves; that’s why one of the most interesting facets of psilocybe research spores is trying to determine which strains of mushroom will eventually mature into fungi that have a high concentration of the compound if it were to be discovered in nature. In addition, the most potent psilocybe spores might not be the easiest to cultivate.

Special Mushrooms Strains and The Best Mushroom Strains for Microdosing

In today’s post on The Psilocybe Philosophy, we’ll take a closer look at several cubensis strains that would, if allowed to mature in the wild, have an extremely high psilocybe content and could be known as the strongest cubensis which could be valuable information for microscopists everywhere! For those people taking mushrooms it’s also great to know about the best mushroom strain for microdosing when microdosing or know about the various special mushroom strains.

Extremely Potent Psilocybe Mushroom: Penis Envy & Albino Penis Envy

Penis Envy Spores
Penis Envy
Albino Penis Envy Spores
Albino Penis Envy

Many advanced microscopists or mycologists interested in studying a truly potent psilocybe mushroom spore begin with a very well known strain: Penis Envy mushroom spores.

While at first glance this strain’s name borders on the offensive, anyone who has seen it in the wild will probably “get” the joke intended by its discoverer: none other than Terence McKenna himself, the famous (and sadly passed) author, speaker, and ethnobotanist. He discovered the strain growing in the Amazon and is responsible for bringing the first sample back to the United States—it was too fascinating to leave behind, in no small part thanks to its extremely high psilocybe content.

This is a well-researched spore and makes a fine choice for the advanced microscopy hobbyist looking for a known progenitor of fungi with high concentrations of psilocybe.

For a true challenge, however, many microscopists opt to study the well-known crossbreed, Albino Penis Envy. This strain is a hybrid of Penis Envy and PF Albino. The spores tend to be dense and lighter in color.

We Engineered Our Very Own Hybrid Strain, And The Results Were Nothing Short of Heroic

Being avid microscopists ourselves here at the Quality Spores headquarters, we developed our own hybrid cross strain. Since we wanted to be able to study spores that would not only yield a high psilocybe content in the wild, but also very large fungi, we crossed Penis Envy with the well known Amazonian strain.

Since both strains originate from the Amazon rainforest, it seemed like a natural combination—and let us tell you: in the wild, this fungi would be not only huge, but absolutely dense with psilocybe as well.

Luminous Lucy Spores

The Lucy, A.K.A. Luminous Lucies – An Uncommon-Yet-Potent Strain of Psilocybe Mushroom

This particular strain of cubensis spores is sought after in the microscopy community not just because of its characteristics that would lead to a high psilocybe concentration in the wild, but for several other reasons as well. The first is that at maturity this strain is known to flourish in moderate temperatures in the wild (unlike other cubensis strains which prefer warmer temperatures).

Second is that the luminous lucies cubensis strain is coprophilous—in other words, it grows quite happily on dung. As many mycologists know, the notion that all (or even most )psilocybe-containing fungi grow on dung is quite false, so it’s interesting to study a strain that does.

Well, With a Name Like “Jedi Mind Fuck” You Just Know…

Readers of our newsletter will recall that we recently had a humorous discussion about how the naming conventions for some strains of psilocybe can be quite silly. If you don’t read our weekly newsletter yet, you can sign up here—and you’ll even get a free eBook for your trouble:

This strain, of course, is one of those humorously named ones—little is known about its true origins, but one thing is for certain: in the wild, this cubensis strain has a very, very potent concentration of psilocybe. An unsuspecting person or animal who accidentally consumed it would indeed feel like they had underwent a Jedi Mind you-know-what.

For Comparative Purposes, Microscopists May Also Want to Look at These Mild Psilocybe Spores

For microscopists interested in comparing those cubensis strains which would ultimately mature into a high psilocybe content fungi in the wild and those that would have a much “milder” concentration, popular choices are Golden Teacher and the B+ mushrooms strain. These excellent starter spores are where a lot of microscopists “test the waters” with their hobby, and they’re beloved throughout the scientific community for their reliability. Since they’re well-researched spores, you won’t have any trouble finding other microscopists who may have already done taxonomic classification of these strains, making discussion easier.

How to Get Started Studying Psilocybe Mushroom Spores With a High Psilocybe Content

Remember—spores themselves contain no psilocybe, so microscopists are primarily interested in studying the characteristics of spores which act as precursors to such features in the wild. If this sounds interesting to you, we invite you to visit our premium mushroom spore store where you can place discreet and secure orders online. For your convenience, we also accept cryptocurrency and alternative payment platforms like Zelle.

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