Cryptocurrency In Mycology

As time goes on – and not a terribly long time from now, either—we suspect that an increasing number of spore vendors like Quality Spores will start switching to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and others. Indeed, mushroom bitcoin use is growing, the day may come when decentralized cryptocurrencies will be the primary way to order research spores online. offers help on how to buy spores using cryptocurrency.

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Cryptocurrency For Mushroom Spores Transactions

We’ll explore why that is, what it means for you, and how to make sure you’ll always have your microscopy lab well-stocked for your study of mushroom microbiology, mushroom mycelium and mycology.

Mushroom Spore Crypto

At the time of this writing, Quality Spores IS accepting credit card payments and has no plans to stop. We simply feel that it’s necessary to inform our customers of what the future may hold for mushroom spore crypto.

misconceptions about cubensis

Psilocybe, Your Reputation Precedes You

As you likely already know, exotic mushroom syringes full of viable cubensis spores do not contain psilocybe- that’s why you need to know the psilocybe spores legal details for all USA states. This includes different types of mushroom spores which, at maturity in the wild, would naturally contain psilocybe.

Spores from these species are not illegal to buy, sell, possess, or study under your microscope. The only time a legal barrier is crossed is when the spores are allowed to germinate and reach any stage of development where the fungi would contain psilocybe (mycelium in much low concentrations and the mature fruiting bodies, or mushrooms).What ends up happening is that a decision-maker at a traditional payment processor (such as for credit cards) hears the words “psilocybe mushroom spores” and thinks to themselves hey, we can’t be associated with that! Psilocybe is illegal! and bam: the next thing you know, that spore vendor can no longer accept credit card payments.

Spore Buying Systems

This kind of discussion for spore buying systems can sometimes also be relevant towards other transaction facilitators in the microscopy and specials field as well, which is why you pretty much never come across a spore vendor who accepts PayPal, for example.

Spore Vendors Aren’t the Only Ones Affected By Over-reactive Payment Processors

This author’s great grandmother lived a very long time before passing away a year or so ago. Despite being about a thousand years old and riddled with just about every kind of cancer you can imagine (don’t worry, she would have thought that was funny), she was a wonderful, strong woman. In the latter years of her life, she found great comfort in using cannabidiol (CBD) oil for her hands and wrists to soothe her arthritis pain. She said it was “amazing,” something she had never said about pretty much any other medication she used.

cbd oil vendors switch to cryptocurrency

Most CBD oils are extracted from hemp, not marijuana. Hemp has trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, which is the psychoactive component of marijuana. A majority of the CBD oils on the market, including the kind that dear old grandma used, are called broad spectrum CBD, which means that the THC has been selectively removed from the oil (as opposed to full spectrum oils, where the compound is left in).

Consumers Are Exploring Using A Mushroom Grow Kit To Get Started

Along with CBD oil, consumers are learning about psilocybe mushroom kits to learn about mycology, microscopy, and about cultivating mushroom spores.

They’re also finding that most CBD oil contains no THC and no marijuana. That’s why it’s legal in all but a handful of states. Depending on where you live, you might have even seen it for sale at gas stations.

Online CBD oil vendors, however, face an entirely different battle: as with spore vendors, payment processors get nervous when dealing with them, even if they refuse to serve customers in the states that are “behind the times” like we do here on Quality Spores for residents of California, Idaho, and Georgia.

Credit card processing interruptions are commonplace for CBD oil vendors and, for smaller outfits without the resources we’re so fortunate to have here at Quality Spores, can be devastating—and not necessarily just for the business owners either, but the customers too. After all, great grandma wasn’t trying to get “high,” she was trying soothe the aching in her hands.

The Solution: Decentralized Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin & Others

The solution for vendors of spores, CBD oil, and other “misunderstood” products, is a pretty obvious one: start accepting cryptocurrencies as payment. That’s why we accept Bitcoin and Ethereum, and perhaps other cryptocurrencies in the future.

At a high level, blockchain technology allows a network of computers to agree at regular intervals on the true state of a distributed ledger.

MIT Sloan assistant professor Christian Catalini

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are generally decentralized. This is thanks to blockchain technology, which is beyond the scope of this post, but isn’t as difficult to understand as it seems.

Here’s what’s important to understand: the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency means that there’s no central authority who controls Bitcoin. In other words, nobody can prevent you from sending or receiving transactions. In many ways, cryptocurrency offers much more financial freedom for both buyers and sellers than “traditional” currency.

Quality Spores Offers More Ways to Pay

While our product is legal in 47 states, we sometimes experience interruptions with our credit card processors. So, as a service to our loyal customers, we also accept other forms of payment including cryptocurrencies, Zelle and Venmo.

We never want you to miss an opportunity to expand your collection of spores, or miss out on discovering something new in your research. To that end, we wrote informative guides on how to get set up with alternate payment systems. You’ll learn how to get started, and why these forms of payment are often even more convenient than using a credit card. Always be prepared to keep your studies moving forward!