Mushroom Spore Companies and Spore Sellers

How do you get mushroom spores? How do you identify the best mushroom spore vendors?

The same way you can get anything else these days. Do your due diligence in seeking the best spore vendors for spores and you’ll be rewarded with quality spores. Work with the best spore site like and buy them online from that vendor until you ever have a reason to go elsewhere for for some reason you’d buy mushroom spores online from another seller in the USA.

Whether you’re a culinary mushroom enthusiast learning how to grow mushroom spores from syringe or you’re an amateur microscopist looking for some new mushroom spores to put under your microscope, the most common way to get them is to find the best place to buy mushroom spores online.

Read This Before Your Buy Spores on Etsy, Amazon, or Ebay.

How To Choose a Spore Syringe Seller

Best Spore Syringe Supplier

Authentic Mushroom Spores That Are Living and Viable Spores from A Legitimate Supplier

Obviously, our team at Quality Spores thinks that we’re the best mushroom spore store because our strains are always 100% authentic, the spores supplied are always living and 100% viable spores. We boast some of the best customer service in the industry (and we’re pleased to report that anyone who has communicated with us directly is likely to agree with that sentiment).

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Beware of Scams: The Best Spore Vendors Only Provide Fully Authentic Spores

As you may already know, there are many, many different strains—in other words, there are a lot of different varieties of mushrooms.

Best Spore Syringe Supplier in the USA

These strains of mushroom spores all have different names and characteristics. For example, Golden Teacher Spores for Golden Teacher mushrooms is perhaps among the most well-known of all strains, but there are others favored by enthusiasts such as Penis Envy mushrooms spores, B plus, Pink Buffalo from southeast Asia, or even the Nepal strain from high up in the Himalayas.

The point here is, there’s a lot of different kinds of mushroom. Thus, if your goal as an amateur microscopist is to study these different strains, to learn about what makes them different, and to compare them to other strains, it makes complete sense that you would only want to purchase authentic, verified strains—the name on the spore syringe should actually match its contents!

Mushroom Strains Mushrooms & The Experience

If you have an inauthentic strain—say it’s a syringe that’s supposed to contain Texas Ghost spores, but it in fact contains Treasure Coast spores or just “standard” Golden Teacher spores – your entire educational experience could be ruined.

Strongest Mushroom Strains Sold by Mushroom Spore Vendors and Avoiding A Bad Mushroom Trip

If you’re looking the the strongest mushroom strain or the best mushroom strains for the best trip or for how to avoid a bad mushroom trip, or for anxiety, or for strains with a track record, start with a spore vendor with a reputation for quality, price, and authenticity performance.

A lot of amateur microscopists purchases pores for their taxonomical value. Since it has so many different strains, it’s the perfect subject for anyone interested in learning about how strains differ from one another in a fungi. It really is a fascinating topic to explore, because even though mushrooms from Ecuador and those from Huautla, for example, are of the same species, they’re remarkably different.

Imagine that you’re trying to research spores from a fungi that has a certain characteristic at maturity, such as rapid colonization or large stem size. If the spores you’re looking at aren’t the strain you think they are, everything you learn from the study experience will be—at best—completely wrong.

Reputable Spore Vendors

Put simply, not having authentic spores from a reputable spore vendors isn’t just disappointing, but, it’s a taxonomy nightmare for any serious researcher, professional or amateur.

Thus, one of the most important things a mushroom spore company can do is to always make sure that the spores they’re providing to their customers are legitimate and authentic. Unfortunately, there are a lot of players in the mushroom spore supplier industry, and some of them simply don’t have access to authentic spores (or the spores are too expensive, or they think the customer won’t know the difference, etc.). Whatever their reasoning may be, this kind of unscrupulous practice has a damaging effect on the reputation rest of the industry, not to mention the disappointment of the customer.

Great Mushroom Spore Companies Always Make Sure Their Spore Syringes are Packed With Spores

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Special Mushroom Spores Legality of Spore Syringes

Perhaps we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves on the special mushroom spores legality for your state topic and about exactly what are spore syringes, so let’s begin this section with a quick refresher: what are spore syringes?

Liquid Culture Syringe Spores

A spore syringe is a standard syringe, except it contains liquid culture syringe spores. The liquid spore syringe is designed to safely contain both spores and a non-nutrient liquid solution, which is the medium the spores are suspended in. This liquid solution is usually distilled water. It’s very important that the solution the spores are contained within has no nutrients whatsoever, because if any are present, the spores could use them to begin colonizing.

Not only would accidental colonization be inconvenient, because the spores would no longer be able to be studied properly, but in the case of any fungal spore, would likely be illegal throughout most jurisdictions in the United States and other western countries. Always ensure that your preferred spore vendor uses a non-nutrient solution in their spore syringes—that’s what we do here at Quality Spores.

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Now that you know what a spore syringe is and the purpose of the non-nutrient liquid solution is to contain the spores themselves, you might be wondering: how can you tell if a spore syringe is full of just water, or if it contains spores as well?

Amateur microscopists already know the answer to this question: you must place a sample of the spores under a microscope! You will see it teeming with life – assuming the syringe was properly filled with spores. It may help to be able to compare that syringe with one which is known to contain the right amount of spores, so that the difference between a “full” syringe and one which has been skimped on can be seen.

Unfortunately – and this problem is far more widespread than the issue of authenticity. Many spore vendors and spore companies “cut” their spores with additional non-nutrient liquid; meaning that in each syringe the customer may only get half as many spores, or even a quarter as many spores, as they would with a properly filled spore syringe. This, obviously, is a way for a vendor to cut their costs.

It makes study under the microscope more difficult for students, because fewer spores are present. In the case of fungal spores which are legal to cultivate, such as certain culinary mushroom spores, a lack of spores will make the colonization process harder to achieve, and thus result in more failed grow attempts than would have been necessary with a properly filled syringe.

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If a Spore Vendor’s Prices Are Too Good to Be True, They Probably Are

We’ll keep this one short and sweet, because the advice here is true with nearly any other product you can buy (especially online!). If the price is too good to be true, that’s because it probably is.

We regularly perform market research here at Quality Spores. Our prices are not the most expensive in the industry, but they aren’t the cheapest either—the cheapest mushroom spore syringes out there are at times half the price of ours… except you really do get what you pay for, because our internal tests have consistently shown that these cheap spore syringes always—always—have an issue of authenticity or an extremely low spore content (see previous two sections).

It’s just not financially viable for these “discount” spore vendors to be able to sell their spores at such low prices—and that’s why they either lie about the authenticity of the spores or they reduce the amount of viable spores in the syringe itself to the bare-minimum (and often not even that). Many discount vendors do both to cut corners.

The Best Spore Syringe Supplier Will Always Have Great Customer Service and a Variety of Payment Options Including Cryptocurrency For Convenience

Another very important factor when searching for where to buy mushroom spores is how good the vendor’s customer service is and if they use cryptocurrency for convenience. Do they respond promptly to any questions you may have? If there’s a problem with your order, do they fix it immediately—or do they just hope you’ll go away? Are they honest about how long the shipping will take? Do your spores arrive safely and discreetly?

Does Your Spore Syringe Supplier or Your Mushroom Spore Companies Take Zelle For Payment

Another important consideration is whether or not the spore syringe supplier can take payments in your preferred mode of transfer. While most spore vendors will have difficultly accepting PayPal due to their terms of service, they should accept credit cards at a bare minimum.

At Quality Spores, we have a variety of payment options available for our customers for spores supplier options for payment, including credit card, Zelle, and cryptocurrency transactions.

Playing By the Rules: Buying Mushroom Spores Online and Special Mushroom Spores Legality

Keep in mind that when you’re buying rare mushroom spores online—the ones of the special variety—that the spores are legal in the majority of the United States. However, spores aren’t legal in California, Georgia, and Idaho (at least at the time of this writing, hopefully things will change in the near future).

Spore vendors who ship to those locations are not only breaking the law, but putting their customers at risk for legal intervention as well. Never do business with a spore vendor who ships to states where mushroom spores are illegal.

Looking For the Best Mushroom Spore Company? You’re Already There – How to Learn More & Start Shopping With Quality Spores Today

  • Authenticity
  • Amount of spores per syringe
  • Reasonable (and realistic) pricing
  • Customer service

The Quality Spores Store Company hits the mark on all of the areas for spore syringes!

We invite you to order from us with confidence. See and shop our wide selection of legal mushroom spore syringes now.