Mushroom Spore Laws in Colorado

Are Mushrooms Legal In Colorado

While nothing is set in stone yet, we thought this was big enough news to bring to you right away: at the time of this writing, it’s looking like an initiative will make its way to the ballots this November in Colorado which could legalize mushrooms.

Even if you don’t live in Colorado, it’s important to keep an eye on this one—since Colorado has been the “trend setter” for mushroom decriminalization around the country, there’s good reason to believe the same would be true for outright legalization. In a nutshell, this could have far reaching implications.

Here’s What We Know So Far About Initiative 58 in Colorado

Colorado Initiative 58 and the Natural Medicine Health Act

As reported by The Denver Post on Colorado Initiative 58, the leadership behind Initiative 58, otherwise known as the Natural Medicine Health Act, have submitted a petition to the Secretary of State’s office in Colorado.

The signatures still need to be validated before the initiative will be officially approved for the ballot, but since only 125,000 valid signatures are required, things are looking mighty good for mushroom advocates in Colorado.

Gavel on black background; intended to illustrate the changing cubensis legal framework in the U.S.

What Will Happen if Colorado Legalizes Mushrooms?

Assuming Initiative 58 makes it to the ballot and passes, don’t expect to see mushrooms for sale at your local 7/11. The initiative includes a series of restrictions and sales will only be available in state-licensed “healing centers” situated throughout Colorado.

It would also take a couple of years before any of this happened, with the initiative calling for the state to accept healing center license applications by September of 2024.

In the meantime, regulators would be working on developing a comprehensive legal rule set regarding mushrooms in Colorado, focusing on areas such as manufacturing, cultivation, sales, purchase, and so on.

Nevertheless, if the measure does pass, it will set the stage for additional freedoms in the state of Colorado and, crucially, perhaps throughout the rest of the country.

Is it legal to buy mushrooms online?

Special Mushroom Spores Are Already Legal Most Everywhere in the USA

While the fate of mushrooms is yet to be determined in Colorado, special mushroom spores are legal throughout most of the United States—in fact, they have been for years!

With the exception of California, Idaho, and Georgia (at the time of this writing, at any rate), one may freely purchase and possess mushroom spores for research purposes. They’ve become a very popular pastime among the amateur microscopy community.