Last week on the Quality Spores blog, we discussed the topic of special transcendence at some length—go back and read the post to learn more about what transcendence (sometimes called self-transcendence) is, as well as what the purported benefits might be for some patients as reported by the medical and research communities.

Now that you’re caught up, this week we’re going to be examining a couple more important questions about self-transcendence, specifically as experienced by some under the influence of mushrooms What does mushroom transcendence feel like? Is special transcendence safe?

Let’s begin:

What Does Mushroom Transcendence Feel Like for Mushroom-Assisted Therapy Patients?

is cubensis transcendence safe

It’s obviously quite difficult to explain the experiences of individuals who have had a special experience, but it’s probably at least reasonably accurate to say that the experience of transcendence is different than a “run of the mill” trip.

Mushroom assisted therapists have discussed the importance of intentionality for patients, if the goal is to achieve feelings of transcendence or to resolve possibly long-standing mental health issues; the therapists act as guides in this regard, helping the patient feel comfortable and safe throughout the experience.

Patients have reported successful feelings of transcendence both during and after the special experience. During the experience itself, transcendence is often associated with ego death and heightened feelings of empathy (including the empathy required for self-acceptance). The latter can and often does remain with the patient long after the special experience has concluded, and some will certainly describe this as a form of self-transcendence.

Where Legal, is Attempting to Experience Psychedelic-Induced Self-Transcendence Safe?

It must be strongly noted that when we’re talking about transcendence or anything to do with the special experience, we’re discussing it within the context of a patient undergoing mushroom assisted therapy in jurisdictions where such practices are legal, such as Oregon and other areas.

When conducted under these settings, generally speaking of course, attempting to experience (or indeed experiencing) mushroom-induced feelings of self-transcendence are, for most, quite safe.

A licensed therapist specializing in assisting patients before, during, and after the special experience—which as you might suspect can be overwhelming for some—is a very important part of having a positive outcome from the use of mushrooms or other special substances.

If you live or are willing to travel to an area where mushroom-assisted therapy is legal to see for yourself what the experience of self-transcendence might be like, bear in mind that this is an extremely new area of study and medical practice. Please do your due diligence and only work with licensed practitioners!

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