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From the South Pacific Islands of Fiji, this Cubensis is medium-sized in the wild. Fiji is a beautiful elegant mushroom when fully grown as observed naturally in the islands. For the microscopy point of view; all Psilocybe Cubensis are somewhat alike. But they do differ slightly in appearance as you will see under the microscope.  This one is a must have for your collection.

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Our Spore syringe microscopy kit includes 10 ml of authentic spores in a syringe, individually packaged, with a sterile needle included. Sales will be declined to Idaho, Georgia, and California.

Spores are intended ONLY for microscopy and taxonomy purposes. The images shown are informational only and originate from other cultivators and labs outside the USA. Cultivation is illegal in many countries including the United States. The purpose of this site is not to grow psilocybin mushrooms.

Is Fiji Island the only true competitor to the beloved B+ spore strain?

This is a question we’ve asked ourselves time and again—we’re not sure, but we do know that we absolutely love to study this strain under the microscope, and many of our customers have said the same. Since we started offering this delightful psilocybin spore strain online, reports have been flying in from at-home scientists everywhere: it’s just as good as B+ if not better!

Hailing From The Beautiful Islands of Fiji, This Unique Spore Strain is a Sight to Behold

Amateur microscopists have come to love B+ over the years because it’s so easy to study. But what if there was a strain that was just as easy to place under the microscope, but offered what many believe to be a superior learning experience?

That’s where this beautiful spore strain comes in—Fiji Island spores are robust, contaminant-resistant, and look fantastic under the microscope. Perfect for your taxonomy needs, mycologists would tell you that in the wild these spores would eventually mature into specimens with medium-sized fruiting bodies, golden brown caps, and sturdy, elegant stems. Imagining them colonizing a section of a vacation-ready island in the South Pacific is a fine way to enhance any student’s excitement to learn.

Fiji Island Cubensis In the Wild: Is it Really From Fiji?

Yes! For amateur microscopists looking for a thematic, exotic experience perfect for those summer night study sessions, the Fiji Island strain of Psilocybe cubensis brings everything you imagine to the table and more.

If you were to take a trip to the Fiji Islands and found these cubensis growing in the wild somewhere out in the grasslands of the South Pacific Islands, you would find that they have large fruiting bodies, a remarkably strong resistance to contamination, and a rapid rate of colonization. They’re even more stunning to see under the microscope in their formative spore stage.

As one of the only vendors with a legitimate strain of this Psilocybe cubensis spore, we’re proud to offer the highest quality specimens for scientists both professional and amateur to enjoy. With its exploding popularity, we ask that you only shop for this strain from trusted vendors with experience in the microscopy field, such as Quality Spores.

Here’s what you’ll get when you order from us:

What Comes in a Fiji Island Spore Syringe Kit?

As with all of our spore syringe kits, you’ll receive only the highest quality specimens. Our spores are free of contaminants guaranteed, viable, and ready to be studied as soon as you get them. The Fiji Island spore syringe kit comes with 10ml of this “better than B+” strain, with plenty of spores—not just a syringe full of solution like other vendors. We also include a sterile needle so that you can easily add a sample to your microscope slides for easy studying.

Shop With Confidence at Quality Spores – We’re Changing the Game One Strain at a Time

Please feel confident buying our wonderful Fiji Island spore strain, because we want to have the opportunity to do business with you again and again. We know you’ll love studying this unique, exotic strain!


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