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Blue Meanie Mushroom Spores grow the famous “Blue Meanies” mushroom strain which originates in southeastern Australia. Blue Meanie mushrooms are a high potency psilocybe cubensis strain that gets its name from the vivid blue bruising which appears when the fruiting body is touched. Blue Meanies bruising characteristics is also an indicator of its elevated concentrations of psilocybin and psilocin cubensis potency.  Blue Meanie spore syringe for sale as liquid culture spores.



Blue Meanies Spores Liquid Culture

The Blue Meanie spores syringe kit includes 10ml of authentic spores for Blue Meanies mushrooms in a quality syringe, individually packaged, with a sterile needle included. Sales of mushroom spore syringe products and Blue Meanie Shrooms spores will be declined to Idaho, Georgia, and to California.

Blue Meanie mushrooms spores are intended ONLY for microscopy and taxonomy purposes. The images shown are informational only and originate from other cultivators and labs outside the USA. Cultivation is illegal in many countries including the United States. The purpose of this site is not to grow psilocybin cubensis mushrooms or Blue Meanie Mushrooms but to educate you on spores for microscopy.

The Blue Meanies mushroom is a most sought after psilocybe cubensis liquid culture by the amateur microscopy community as a result of its general hardiness and potent psychedelic trip characteristics. If you’re reading this page while these psilocybe cubensis spores are in stock you may want to place an order without delay – these are a potent variety of magic mushroom spores for sale at that sell out often.

Why is it called Blue Meanies? Mushroom Fungi & Other Potent Psychedelic Mushroom Strains

Blue Meanies mushroom naming convention is derived and due to the properties of this mushroom fungi strain in the wild. as a psilocybin mushroom, the mature fruiting body contains a potent amount of the psychedelic compound in its flesh and alot of our readers are interested in the most potent psychedelic mushroom strains. Like most mushrooms types, when bruised, the Blue Meanies mushroom will display a colorful bruising—in this case, of course, it’s blue.

Some cubensis mushrooms will bruise green or purple. However, blue is an indication of a high psilocybin content; as you can imagine, Blue Meanies spores generate potency in this regard. The discoloration that occurs during bruising is because of a chemical reaction that occurs when psilocybin touches the air. You can learn more about psilocybin mushroom coloration and bruising in our article about identifying magic mushrooms if you’re interested in magic mushroom identification, mushroom foraging, or the different types of magic mushrooms species sold online.

A Warm Tropical Climate Makes for the Strong, Contaminant-Resistant Fungi Genetics Seen in the Blue Meanies Mushroom

The Blue Meanies strain originates in southeastern Australia. If you’ve ever been there, you already know that this is a very warm, tropical region with plenty of competition from other fungi and plant life. This is why the Blue Meanie strain is so robust—to survive in the wild in its natural environment, it has to be.

In the wild, this strain will colonize rapidly, thanks to its tough rhizomorphic mycelium. This ultimately results in prolific mature fruiting bodies and repeated flushes. The mature mushroom itself is midsized but, as we’ve established, quite potent thanks to its high psilocybin content and potential for psychedelic magic mushroom trip experiences.

Under the microscope, Blue Meanie spores portray the precursors to these characteristics. Amateur microscopists who want to have the opportunity to study spores of a fungus that has evolved to survive in a tough competitive environment will love the opportunity enjoyed with the Blue Meanie spore strain.

Learn About Psilocybin Mushroom Spores Like Blue Meanie, Golden Teachers, Mycelium, Mushroom Spores Legality, and Spore Prints

If you’d like to learn more about psilocybin mushroom spores such as Golden Teacher spores or the potent Blue Meanie strain, we invite you to explore some of the other content we’ve prepared for you. A good place to start will be to learn about mycelium mushroom spores for microscopy.  Next, read some of our legal considerations in the article about Why Are Magic Mushroom Spores Legal in our mushroom spores legal aspects article.

Mushroom Spore Syringe Storage guidance for your Blue Meanie Spores syringes or cultivating other psilocybin spores at home to make sure your mushroom spores don’t go bad.

Order all mushroom spore print spores and mushroom spore strains with confidence of authenticity and potency from Our Blue Meanies mushroom spores particularly are from a leading supplier of the amateur microscopy community with a specialty focus on exotic mushroom spores that most people are buying.

All spore syringes come packed with viable cubensis spores, never under filled like you may have experienced with other vendors. psilocybe cubensis spores are guaranteed to be authentic and contaminant free.


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