Just a few years ago, the notion that cultivating mushrooms in Oregon is now legal for approved manufacturers would have been so far out of the realm of possibility as to be laughable.

In today’s entry on the Quality Spores blog, we’ll take a quick look at some of the new information coming from regulators in Oregon and what this could mean for the rest of the United States plus look at Oregon mushroom laws and if growing mushrooms is legal.

Learn about the legality of cultivating mushrooms and about cubenis spores laws.

  • The decisions about mushroom cultivation Oregon regulators have recently made
  • Why the mushroom species has been approved for cultivation by manufacturers instead of other species
  • Why mushroom spores have been legal in most states for decades and how to get them for research purposes
Growing mushrooms in Oregon

Oregon Regulators to Allow Mushroom Cultivation by Approved Manufacturers for Medical Use

The newly established Oregon Mushroom Services division of the Oregon Health Authority has recently revealed some new information about how mushrooms will be used for approved medical purposes in the state.

While not all of the details have been figured out, details about mushroom cultivation have been publicly stated. The rest of the rules will be established and publicized by the end of the year before going into effect in January 2023.

What is known, however, is that approved manufacturers will be allowed to cultivate mushrooms starting soon. The regulations specifically state that mushrooms are to be consumed, which regulators assume to mean eaten as they are. Other delivery methods of mushrooms are not begin considered at this time for mushroom spore vendors.

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Why Did the Oregon Services Division Approve Mushroom Cultivation, But Not Other Species of Mushroom

This, regulators say, is because the species is well understood. Other species may pose a risk since there are “lookalike” mushrooms which are poisonous. It’s also possible to cultivate mushrooms in substrates which don’t pose a health risk, such as raw manure.

Mushrooms Are Still a Tightly Controlled Substance, But Spores Have Been Legal for Research Purposes for Decades

Mushroom legalization is a hot topic right now among both the mushroom advocacy community as well as among regulators in a number of different states. As with all things bureaucratic, progress is slow going (but fortunately for mushroom advocates, slow but steady).

Is Growing Mushrooms Legal? Is growing mushrooms spores legal in my state?

However, the spores of mushrooms have been legal throughout most of the United States for decades; fungi at this stage doesn’t contain illegal substances, so many jurisdictions have chosen not to regulate it. This means that for research purposes, such as amateur microscopy, you can buy mushroom spores online!