Mexican Magic Mushroom Spore Strains

Mexican Cubensis

Mexico is one of the best places in the world for magic mushrooms and obviously for Mexican cubensis. Thanks to its many mushroom-friendly regions, a lot of the most famous magic mushrooms have come from the Mexico.

Mexican Cubensis Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms and Mexico: A Long and Rich History

As you might recall from our article about sacred mushroom ceremonies in Mexico, both past and present, Mexico has a long relationship with magic mushrooms using various Mexican cubensis mushrooms strains. These mushrooms are grown in the many natural environments of Mexico which are perfect for growing cubensis mushrooms for traditional mushroom ceremonies in Mexico, the same way in which these fungi were used by local shamans in spiritual rituals.

In fact, Mexican magic mushrooms were what brought psychedelic fungi to the forefront of western minds in the United States back in the 1950s when R. Gordon Wasson traveled there to partake in the ceremonies and wrote about it in Life magazine. It was thanks to Mexican strains that the rest of the world “rediscovered” the magic of psychedelic mushrooms.

For amateur microscopists interested in studying Mexican magic mushroom strains, there are a lot to choose from—the region is rich in psychoactive mushrooms.

The Top 3 Mexican Magic Mushroom Strains: Huautla, Mazatapec, and Mexican Dutch King

Huautla cubensis mushroom spores were originally discovered outside the city of Oaxaca. At maturity in the wild, this strain has a brown cap, a long thick stem, and deep purple spores. The gills have been observed as becoming almost completely black in the wild.

Mazatapec mushroom spores are notable for their aggressive colonization habits in the wild. Originating from southern Mexico where biodiversity and competition is high, these mushrooms have developed to be robust and contaminant-resistant. At maturity, mycologists have observed this strain as having beautiful, cinnamon-colored caps.

Mexican Dutch King mushroom spores is one of the Mexican mushroom strains that’s perhaps the most interesting of the bunch which were originally discovered in Mexico, but then further developed in the laboratory in the Netherlands, this “globe trotting” strain has been described by mycologists as being golden in color with dark veils.

➢ These Mexican cubensis spore strains have different strain effects in their psilocybe cubensis potency characteristics.